Unified platform for fraud protection and intelligent payment management

Launch and grow your business with Scanfraud. Set up and manage effective transaction flows with a few clicks. Benefit from increased payment approvals and reduced declines, all while securing your business from fraud.

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Face any payment challenge confidently.

Transaction monitoring

Detect suspicious transaction activity in real-time. Ensure compliance and prevent fraud with our advanced rules engine, performance tracking, alerts, simulations and data enrichment.

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Routing & cascading

Optimise your payment flows without dev effort. Set dynamic/static routing flows based on transaction attributes. Benefit from the cascading mechanism to finalise every payment.

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Dispute resolution

Proactively prevent chargebacks with our tools. Handle all disputes through a user-friendly interface. Rely on detailed insights for informed decision-making.

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Risk management outsourcing

Let our fraud experts manage risks while you focus on your business. Our specialised team is dedicated to protecting your business from fraud with industry-leading expertise.

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Scale your online business with smart risk & transaction management.  Discover how our platform can enhance your industry-specific metrics. We're already making a difference 
in these sectors - ready to join?

Gambling & iGaming

Boost player retention and protect revenues with our solution tailored to gaming needs. Minimise risks and maximise transaction success.


Stay ahead with tailored payment routing and robust fraud prevention. Protect digital assets, adapt to market changes, and increase payment acceptance.

Fintech solutions

Equip your platform for future challenges with our all-in-one solution. Tackle industry-specific challenges, expand your business, and ensure positive customer experiences.

Payment providers

Join our platform to leverage state-of-the-art tools. Enhance trust and user experience for merchants and end-users, unlocking new growth opportunities.


Kit up your business with industry-specific tools. Reduce chargebacks, safeguard revenues, and create a secure, frictionless shopping experience.


Protect your trading company's security and profitability with anti-fraud and routing solutions. Ensure a secure trading environment and mitigate risks to safeguard your assets.

Personalised industry solutions

If your industry isn't listed, get in touch today. Let's explore how we can enhance your business security and efficiency.

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Better conversions with the protection

From large institutions to small e-stores, our platform balances high conversion rates and low false positives. Experience swift setup, pre-configured rules, and full data integration in just days.

Your data confidentiality is our focus

We stand for an open position about our architecture, data storage, employees access policies and more. Check out our responsibility on the security page. 


Transforming business obstacles into opportunities

Start & scale your business

Accept more payment methods, increase customer base and revenue with fewer transaction failures.

Maximise conversions

Multiply approval rates and minimise declines using payment routing and cascading, driving higher conversions.

Mitigate fraud risk

Identify and prevent suspicious activities with our monitoring, keeping fraud at bay.

Protect your reputation

Control costs and protect your brand image by minimising disputes, fraudulent payments, and claims.

Handle chargebacks easily

Manage disputes with our assistance in document preparation and resolution.

Enhance user experience

Provide seamless payments and avoid declining legitimate transactions by rerouting during provider issues.

Boost operational efficiency

Automate your payment management or let us handle your fraud monitoring through our risk outsourcing service, freeing up resources for other crucial tasks.

Ensure compliance

Comply with regulatory requirements and security standards, such as PCI DSS and GDPR, with our robust platform.

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